“With a fast growing and evolving construction business I was keen to ensure our senior leaders and managers were aligned and consistent in our approach to increasing performance and constructive people management. I’d been working with Pamela over a few years to understand my own leadership style and it’s impact on colleagues, my personal productivity and effectiveness and ultimately the business as a whole.
I gained a strong appreciation of the powerful influence informed leadership practices can have on creating the culture we wanted.
After exploring our needs, Pamela took the leadership team through effective change, she designed a leadership development program, executed the workshops and one on one coaching. Her holistic, open style and professional approach worked well for the construction industry along with challenging our thinking on a few outdated and traditional approaches to people management.
Feed back from the team has been positive and we are considering our next skill development steps. I would happily recommend her to any business or family business wanting grow leadership skills and culture performance.”

Stephen Cherrie

MD, Cherrie Civil

“Pamela is a thoughtful, strategic, visionary consultant that focuses on helping leaders develop organisations through high performance leadership teams and change management. Pamela is especially gifted at diagnosing an organisation’s effectiveness, providing a vision for change, and sharing frameworks and tools that can dramatically improve performance, culture, authenticity and teaming. I am confident that with Pamela’s partnership, your team can achieve a higher level of performance.”

Anne-Marie Moore

Human Resources Business Partner

“I have worked with Pamela for over 12 months and since that time there have been several valuable nuggets of knowledge that have transformed me and my ability as a leader in my business. Specifically I have improved my ability to listen, make sound group decisions, to understand the importance of working “on” being a good leader and I have grown personally with these experiences. As with any personal development process it takes time to redirect the ship and I look forward to being accountable to Pamela through the next stage of my growth.” 

Rory Kennard

Director, Makinex Construction Products

“I was fortunate enough to have a couple of career coaching sessions with Pamela in the lead up to an interview for an internally advertised position at my company. Pamela was very quickly able to identify some self limiting beliefs that had been holding me back in past interview performance. Through helping me to understand these beliefs, Pamela was able to give me some tools to help instill the sense of confidence and self belief that I needed to succeed in the interview along with specific coaching on responding to key interview questions. This enabled my next interview performance to be very strong – I received great feedback from the hiring managers on my performance in the interview and am happy to say that Pamela helped me to obtain that next level and get the position I had been working so hard for.”

Nicky B

“The best description I have for Pamela and her business style is immersive and holistic. She doesn’t simply walk in, look around and then prescribe the latest management fad and then leave. Pamela’s method is to get to the core of the organisation or the person she is working with and then use her depth of experience, knowledge and her network to find the most appropriate and correct solution for the matter at hand. Pamela takes her responsibility and her involvement very seriously and is cautious in her approach but bold in her delivery. Pamela is not afraid of saying what must be said, but does so in a caring, non-confrontational way that demonstrates the clear empathy she has with those people she works with to deliver real change and lasting improvement.

Peter C Poulos

Past Managing Director, Poulos Bros Seafoods

“The feedback from the team was really positive in that they had a lot of fun as well as getting an insight into the theoretical background on team building and factors to consider in problem solving. I will pass your details onto our HR Learning & Development team as discussed. Hopefully we can work together again soon.”

Legal Team , Financial Services Sector

“I have known Pamela for 10 plus years. For nine of those years Pamela was the facilitator of a business network group that met monthly. Throughout that period Pamela moderated and contributed too many conversations that greatly benefited the group.
More recently Pamela has provided me with one on one leadership coaching that has been invaluable. Her knowledge around emotional intelligence, people behaviours, change management and other key leadership topics is excellent. I highly recommend Pamela to any individual or organisation looking to challenge their leadership style and wanting to develop skills in same.”

Greg Simons

Past CEO, Nulon Products

“Working in a family business can be a challenge especially when it isn’t running
smoothly, well that’s what happened to us & unfortunately it resulted in a split in the
family & an extremely challenging time for both the family & the business. It was during
this time we met with Pamela, the right person at the right time, Pamela was able to
help guide us through this testing time & provided support with her knowledge & skill,
challenged us to reset goals, objectively look back into who we were & why we were in
business, Pamela kept us focused.
Pamela also has a vast array of contacts in many difference fields of business which
she was also able to call upon to assist, Pamela is driven, focused, knowledgeable & a
person worth having on your side.”

Mat Emerson

Managing Director, Relec Switchboards

Almost three years ago we took our first steps to measure how our staff experienced Scenic Worlds culture and explore what leadership and management could do with that information. Culture has always been a priority to Scenic World, and we wanted to understand at a much deeper and detailed level what everyone understood as how they were expected to behave and interact with one another. We wanted to know these culture determining factors to work towards aligning our efforts in creating our preferred culture and grow our reputation as a world class tourist destination.

From measuring our cultural norms, we learned that whilst employee engagement, customer experience and safety were real strengths, improvement opportunities included; leadership skills, internal communications, coaching of staff, quality problem solving and decision-making efforts.

I engaged Pamela Low in October 16 to work with us to measure our Culture and once we knew the ‘current culture’ and ‘preferred culture’ and understood the gap, Pamela worked with myself and the leadership team to formulate a strategic approach to move towards the ‘preferred culture’ and close the gap.  These strategies included; leadership development for both leadership and management teams, self-leadership for all team members, one on one coaching of leaders and managers, coaching skills training for managers, improved communication practices at management level and training in quality decision making and problem solving. Pamela project managed, designed, implemented and facilitated these culture change strategies.

These programs weren’t all we did to strengthen and evolve our culture. We constantly review and innovate all our systems, processes and people management practices and together all these strategies have achieved improved efficiencies and productivity in; leadership, communication, our capacity to respond to growth, quality decisions, increased employee satisfaction and engagement plus overall improved organisational performance.

I have found Pamela to be completely trust worthy in her management of relationships and Scenic Worlds interests, she is very committed to the outcomes we strategised to create. She has a dedicated work ethic and is respectful and considerate of all our staff, always managing challenging situations with professionalism. Her facilitation and coaching are of excellent quality for which we’ve receive consistent and positive feedback.

Lastly, Pamela has a special understanding for what it means to be operating a family business which includes complex relationships and her experience and accreditation in working with Family Businesses has been invaluable in navigating change over these last three years.

Anthea Hammon

Managing Director, Scenic World

Scenic World


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