Pamela Low

Family business experience that counts

  • Specialist family business advisor
  • Leadership and Management Performance
    – Individuals and Teams
  • Organisational Development
    – Structure and Culture
  • Change Management
  • Executive and Management Coaching
  • Facilitation
    – Workshops, Problem Solving, Decision Making and Meetings
  • Workshop Program design and implementation

Since 2002 Pamela has consulted to family business helping them to find solutions to the range of issues they may have, Pamela see the importance of accommodating the reality that every family business has a unique story of family dynamics, ownership and enterprise structures.

In addition to consulting directly with family, private and listed businesses Pamela has, for thirteen years, facilitated over three hundred, Family Business Australia (FBA) Forum group meetings and thirty retreats. These groups problem solve a raft of issues that are not only specifically family businesses/ownership issues but every day challenges and concerns of running a business.

Before consulting Pamela has worked for two family businesses as a senior manager in marketing and sales for seven years and earlier in her own families business for six years, all providing greater perspective and insight to family business challenges and rewards.

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