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We understand the problems family businesses face

Appreciation of what makes family businesses unique

and different from privately held companies

Family Business Advisor

Unique experience, skills and resources to sort through complex family business issues.

Change Management

Managing cultural shifts and re-engineering of corporate structure


Experienced and engaging facilitation across a wide range of your business needs


Since 2000 we have been developing individual and organisational capability, through understanding and identifying the opportunities unique to each, then empowering them with the tools to realise the possibilities.

Effecting real change requires knowledge, expertise and the ability to listen. Not just to the brief, but to the dynamics unique to each business.

Consulting and facilitating predominately in the Family Business sector Pamela Low and Associates bring a deep understanding of this business dynamic and insight into the unique challenges facing family businesses.

Our track record is testimony to our success in transforming the capability of individuals and businesses to achieve results that are both tangible and measurable.


Since 2002 Pamela has consulted to family business helping them to find solutions to the range of issues they face. Pamela sees the importance of accommodating the reality that every family business has a unique story of family dynamics, ownership and enterprise structures.

In addition to consulting directly with family, private and listed businesses Pamela has, since 2002, facilitated over three hundred, Family Business Australia (FBA) Forum group meetings and thirty retreats. These groups problem solve a raft of issues that are not only specifically family businesses/ownership issues but every day challenges and concerns of running a business.

Almost three years ago we took our first steps to measure how our staff experienced Scenic Worlds culture and explore what leadership and management could do with that information. Culture has always been a priority to Scenic World, and we wanted to understand at a much deeper and detailed level what everyone understood as how they were expected to behave and interact with one another. We wanted to know these culture determining factors to work towards aligning our efforts in creating our preferred culture and grow our reputation as a world class tourist destination.

From measuring our cultural norms, we learned that whilst employee engagement, customer experience and safety were real strengths, improvement opportunities included; leadership skills, internal communications, coaching of staff, quality problem solving and decision-making efforts.

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Anthea Hammon

Managing Director, Scenic World

“Working in a family business can be a challenge especially when it isn’t running smoothly, well that’s what happened to us & unfortunately it resulted in a split in the family & an extremely challenging time for both the family & the business. It was during this time we met with Pamela, the right person at the right time, Pamela was able to help guide us through this testing time & provided support with her knowledge & skill, challenged us to reset goals, objectively look back into who we were & why we were in business, Pamela kept us focused.

Pamela also has a vast array of contacts in many difference fields of business which she was also able to call upon to assist, Pamela is driven, focused, knowledgeable & a person worth having on your side.”

Mat Emerson

Managing Director, Relec Switchboards

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